Business cards, booklets, flyers

Business card is a unique detail that says a lot about your business and even gives the very first impression about it, therefore it has to convey not only the image you trying to present, but it also has to be of a high quality.

  • The usual dimensions of the business card are 90×50 mm or 85×55 mm, however we will print any other formats you prefer.
  • They can be both, single and double-sided.
  • If you prefer a very unique business cards – we will print them on unconventional paper, wood or plastic.
  • Customers usually order 100 pcs but we will also print a minimum quantity of 50 pcs.

Nobody wants to read long texts in this information age, therefore booklets and flyers can be a perfect tool that sends a message quickly and concisely.

  • We print booklets and flyers in different sizes, also they can have one to several bending in different directions.
  • Usually booklets are printed on 115-170 gr. paper, but you can also choose 65-350/400 gr. paper.
  • We offer a wide range of paper, colours and textures.
  • We print both single and double-sided booklets and flyers.
  • Minimum order quantity – 50 pcs.

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