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What we do

Volumetric letters, signboards

We manufacture volumetric letters in various forms and types. Also produce signboards for outdoor advertising that can emphasize your brand, activity or other desired information.

Display window dressing

Display windows are the most popular and eye-catching advertising space. They can convey the image of your products or services, attract potential customers, provide information on promotions, discounts.

Business cards, booklets, flyers

Business card is a unique detail that forms the first impression about your business, thus it has to be of a high quality and convey the image you are trying to present. Meanwhile, booklets and flyers can be a perfect tool that sends a message quickly and concisely.

Stickers, non-standard print

Stickers – a very practical way of advertising, since they can be used both outside and inside, also any information, slogans, logos, warning signs, etc. can be printed on them.

Non-standard projects

The experience gained over many years gives us self-confidence to cope with new challenges. We trust our team, have professional equipment – therefore we will implement your diverse ideas!

Tents, canvas, large format printing

Since tents are made from large-format fabrics, it is perhaps the most visible mean of advertising both indoors and outdoors. The fabrics are durable, resistant to environmental impact, temperature changes. Photographs, reproductions of paintings are usually printed on canvas.

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